***2014 Food Situation***

The short-rain harvest was poor in Kenya due to drought.  We are anticipating food costs to rise as food becomes more scarce until the long-rain harvest begins late fall of this year.  Please consider making a donation today to help purchase food!


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Kenya Kids Can is a ministry in the Rift Valley, Kenya.  We partner with the national schools to help provide school lunches for students who often don’t have much food available in their homes.  In addition, we construct solar powered computer centers to improve education and bring hope to students. Please browse the website to learn about what you can do to truly change lives.

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Children lining up to receive their lunch.

Children lining up to receive their lunch.

Photo of a computer center.

A shipping container converted into a solar powered computer center.

Photo of the inside of a computer center.

Steve Peifer and Sheri Daubenmier visiting a computer center.